Every bride dreams of glowing on their wedding day,
of fitting into their dress, of having clear skin,
of walking down that aisle and marrying their best friend.

I get it, girl, planning a wedding is stressful, but feeling good doing it doesn’t have to be – in fact, you should be feeling your absolute best on your wedding day, and during your healthily ever after.


We focus on balancing hormones, clearing skin, reducing inflammation, gut health, movement, stress management, and sleep.

If you are looking for a sustainable lifestyle change and big results, this program is for you! There are no magic pills, shakes, or spending hours in the gym. YOU are successful by making long-term adaptations, not 1-week binges.

Sign up now for this exclusive online program for just $198 CAD. We’ll match our program to your wedding date, so that you get the right information at the right time with our tried, true and tested formula. PLUS, we’ve teamed up with one of the best personal trainers out there to give you access to her fitness app (a 200$ value) as part of Elite Bridal Wellness! As soon as you sign up you’ll receive our comprehensive guide so you can get started!

Elite Bridal Wellness was created to turn busy brides into bombshell brides, without deprivation and fad diets.

We’ll hook you up with at-home exercises designed to build muscle and tone your body, a nutritional plan that will get you enjoying what you eat, and to help clear your skin, and stress-relieving tips that speak to your unique biochemistry.

You’ll also get full access to our 21Day Teatox (shipped directly to your door), designed to help with slimming down and removing bloat in only 3 weeks. Plus, it tastes AMAZING.

This program will rid your body of toxins, reduce damaging inflammation and develop lasting habits that will continue far beyond your special day.

I firmly believe that wedding planning shouldn’t leave you as a pile of nerves, that your racing mind shouldn’t keep you up at night, and that your health should work for you, not against you.

Our program is designed to happen over a series of 3 months, and we’ve done this on purpose.

Your health shouldn’t be a “do this 3 week cleanse and watch your fat melt away”. You and I both know that’s not sustainable. Will you feel good when you step on the scale? Yeah, you will. But don’t you want to feel that good every day, for the rest of your life? I do. This program is something I do most every day of my life, which means it’s easy; and sustainable. That being said, it won’t take you to 3 months to notice changes, you’ll notice them relatively quickly.

Clearer, brighter skin
Less bloating and puffiness
Increased energy and more resiliency to stress
Better sleep and a more stabilized mood.

What’s that mean? It means less time worrying and more time enjoying.

So why wait to change your life?

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Elite Bridal Wellness

The individually designed program created to turn busy brides into bombshell brides, without deprivation and fad diets.

Hi! I’m Dr. Ashley, ND

I’m a performance optimizer of go-getters and innovators and a champion of women who kick ass! I work with women who don’t settle for average and who’s instagram is littered with peonies, curated collections and skirts that twirl with you.

I created Elite Bridal Wellness after working with multiple brides across the country who felt like all they were being served up was quick weight loss and fat diets, with a healthy dose of everyone else telling them what they should do. This program is designed to help you focus on you, and leave the hard stuff to me, like overcoming skin concerns, achieving a healthy glow and shedding those unwanted pounds. The difference? It’s a healthy, delicious, stress-free and sustainable way to prepare for your wedding day.


Are you ready to go from busy to bombshell?

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Here’s what you get:

52 Individual Recipes and 6 Weekly Meal plans that you can customize to your tastes with some healthy, yet indulgent treats (so you never feel deprived)
A grocery shopping guide for those planned (and last minute) trips to the store to make it easy and stress free
3+ months of email support with Dr. Ashley with 72 hour turnaround
3 months access to our bridal wellness exercise program
Our 21Day Teatox delivered straight to your door to help calm the belly and stop that bloat
The Moody-No-More Bride Guide: Calming techniques to reduce stress and sleep better
Resources to help you reveal in your radiance – weekly articles, restaurant ordering guides, discounts, handouts and suggestions
Lifetime membership to the Elite Bridal Wellness Private Facebook Group

If wedding planning is making you feel stressed our or sleep deprived.

If you’ve overindulged or just said f*ck it and have had to deal with breakouts, bloating and that ever-present burnout.

If you want to feel great on your wedding day, your shower, and the morning after your bachelorette.

Then ELITE BRIDAL WELLNESS is right for you

No more fad diets. No more deprivation. Just look and feel your best.

Elite Bridal Wellness will help you feel energized and look fantastic!

What to expect: 
This 3-month program gradually adds to and complements the steps before. We move slowly so that the effects you get last long after your wedding. We do this by naturally enhancing the detoxification processes of your body, and your mind.

You will: 
Boost your energy and metabolism
Reducing bloating and unwanted pounds
Deal with the stressors that come with wedding planning without losing your mind
Go from busy to bombshell, just like you knew you could.

You’ll be fully ready for your big day and the next adventure in your life with Elite Bridal Wellness

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